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Welcome!  As you may have guessed, this is Gia, and I’m Mommy! :-) 


Like many children, Gia was born with a few food allergies and sensitivities. So my passion to find alternative food options that provided a diverse mix of tasty nutritious foods, along with fun sweet snacks, began when she was just a baby.


When it was time for Gia to start school, my drive to normalize her experience around other children, who didn’t have the same food challenges she had, grew even deeper. Because, as a parent, all you want, is to make sure, that your child has the same opportunities as their peers.


Going to birthday parties, a friends home, public outings like the Zoo or an Amusement park, is always a struggle because we know that we have to bring our own food and snacks. There are not many available options for her to eat, except for the occasional fruit platter or generic juice box. 


It wasn’t long before I had the Aha! moment, that pushed me to create a service that supplied on the go snacks for those who also have various food allergies and sensitivities. 


This issue spreads far and wide across age groups and nationalities, so I truly hope we have embarked on a journey of shining a light on how important it is to be more inclusive when it comes to food choices. 


Our vending machines will be placed in Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Indoor play spaces, Malls, and office buildings, to name a few. So please join us as we continue to share the joys of Gia’s Goodies!

gia + mommy
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