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How much do the vending machines cost?

All vending machines and services provided by A+G Vending, are free through our full-service program. The machines are installed, stocked, and repaired at no cost to you.

How often will my vending machine be filled?

Vending machines are filled depending on their sales volume. The more a machine sells, the more frequently it will be stocked. Most machines are filled once per week, but sometimes more or less. If you need a refill, contact us right away and we'll take care of it.

How big are the vending machines?

Most of our vending machine models run about 72” H x 38 7/8” W x 35” D. Having the proper amount of room for the machine is essential.

How are refunds and repairs handled?

Should you have a repair issue, our customer service team is here to help. You can contact us via our website or call us to report the problem, and we'll make sure it is resolved. Most repairs are taken care of within 1-2 business days depending on the issue. All of our machines have a built in guaranteed delivery sensor, so All sales are final. 

What type of electrical outlet do I need?

As long as you have a standard 3 prong outlet you should be good to go! Most machines run on 115 volts at 10-12 amps.

What are the requirements to install a vending machine at my location?

In order for A+G Vending to maintain service at a location, there must be at least 40 full-time employees or high foot traffic near the vending machine placement. For hotels, a minimum of 30 guest rooms is required. Apartment complexes need 100+ units for us to install a vending machine.

What brands will be stocked in the machine?

A+G Vending will provide a product catalog that offers all available brands, nutritional facts, and retail pricing information. 

What is the disclaimer for each machine?

A+G Vending, LLC does not manufacture any of the food sold in our machines. 

Please read every nutrition label carefully. All Sales are Final. For all Customer Service 

inquiries please contact us at

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